We offer a variety of types Flow Meters to meet your Pumping Station accessory needs. Offerings include Hydrometers as well as other types. The Hydrometer is unique in that it is both a Meter and a Control Valve in one unit. The Hydrometer is a compact unit and because of inlet and out vales to the metering section it does not require straight pipe upstream nor downstream of the unit as does a standard meter.


  • Bermad 900 is a Control Valve and Meter Combination
  • 232 PSI Maximum Working Pressure – Minimum operating pressure of 7 PSI
  • Inlet and Outlet Flow Straightening Vanes
  • Normally Closed configuration for opening on command


  • No need to have 10x diameter of straight Pipe upstream or 5x diameter downstream
  • Compact Unit saving space
  • User friendly design
  • Multiple ways to control the valve – Electrical, Hydraulic, etc.


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