We offer a wide variety of gauges for you Pump Station needs. This offering includes Pressure Gauges (PSI or Feet), Vacuum Gauges (Inches of Mercury) and Compound Gauges (both Pressure and Vacuum in one gauge). For troubleshooting Suction Assembly problems the Vacuum Gauge can be an invaluable tool.


  • Vacuum Gauges 0-30″ Hg or 0-30′ Water
  • Pressure Gauges 0-60, 100, 160, 200, 500 PSI
  • Compound Gauges 0-30″ Hg & 0-30, 100, 150 PSI
  • Face sizes 2” to 4.5”
  • Dry and Liquid Filled Types
  • Pressure, Vacuum or Compound Types


  • Great diagnostic tool for solving pump performance problems
  • Using Vacuum Gauge to know your suction assembly condition
  • Using a Pressure Gauge to know your pump discharge performance
  • Using both Vacuum and Pressure Gauges to estimate Pump’s Total Dynamic Head production


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